The SMPS New York Rising Star of the Year Award was taken home by our very own, Genesis Vasquez, Senior Marketing Coordinator. Genesis has climbed the marketing ranks at HLB quickly with multiple promotions over the course of 4 years and outstanding work to boot! We are proud of her emerging leadership skills and ongoing involvement in SMPS.

“The Rising Star of the Year Award salutes a Marketer with under 5 years of experience who has shown dedication to the Chapter through committee involvement and has the potential to become one of the industry’s shining stars!”

HLB is a strong advocate for SMPS throughout the nation. We are thrilled to be Chapter Sponsors and have marketing employees on committees from coast to coast. There is no better place for continuing education in the AEC industry!

What does this award mean to you?

To me, this award is a validation that I am on the right path. That following my heart and doing what I love does work. It has given me a push to look back and reflect. With our fast-paced lives, we often overlook all the hurdles we have accomplished. I am so proud to be able to set an example for young industry professionals in that, hard work and being passionate about what you do, leads to success.

What motivates you to be a better marketer and continue learning and improving your marketing skills?

My self-made promise to be the best I can be. Sometimes it is just about being in the “know” for me. Being able to discuss current industry trends is a goal of mine, which in turn inspires me to continue improving. Aside from that, I enjoy being challenged and with that comes new learning opportunities. You can never stop learning and improving.

Who has mentored you to where you are now?

I’ve had the honor to work side by side with two of the most reputable professionals in the industry. Barbara Horton and Jonas Foster have not only given me the opportunity to learn and grow but have empowered me to do so. It is with their encouragement and inspiration that I am where I am today.

How has SMPS impacted your career?

Offering a great network of resources both professionally and personally, SMPS has given me the opportunity for real-time connections. I would not have been able to advance as quickly as I did without the input and guidance of SMPS. My position as co-chair on the Professional Development committee has been an essential learning experience in my career growth.

Any advice for readers?

I know this sounds cliché but… never give up on your dreams! You might see it as a long and tough road but it will all be worth it in the end.

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