About Beth

Hello, I’m Beth.

I had an uncommon entry into the world of accounting and the AE industry. With a passion for music and theatre, I imagined myself as a great Broadway star someday, and started my educational career as a voice major. Once I discovered I might end up waiting on a lot of tables I decided abnormal psychology would provide me a better career path. Silly me! With the need for a solid job, I began working in a CPA firm in Corpus Christi, TX mentored by two of the finest customer service professionals I have ever met. That is where I learned that to truly love what you do, you need to make a difference. With a Masters in accounting and a CPA license in hand, I moved first into the public accounting arena, and later moved into industry. HLB Lighting projects, as well as the team members, are inspired. They find the beauty hidden in the ordinary - and the environment feeds the theatrical side of my personality.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve some truly wonderful organizations as their administrative and financial leader. The collaboration and mutual respect the design community shares with one another provides me daily inspiration. Likewise, I believe I bring my own inspiration to each company I have worked with. Besides delivering clean and accurate financial information, it is my goal to provide insight as to the story that information is telling, to strategize for the future, to run more efficiently, and to deliver the best quality service possible, both internally and externally. As a result, we are able to create a fun and stimulating work environment for everyone. I even get to use a little bit of that psychology degree I earned so many years ago.....

MY INDUSTRY CRED29 years of expertise


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