What made this project or experience special to you and your team?

It was a fast-track project with a great architectural team, open-minded client, a quick installation, and, of course, impressive final result!

Were there safety or security issues addressed by the design?

Yes. Since this is a 24-hour building, a preset dimming control system is in place so that lights can dim at nighttime, but still allow for safe light levels in the middle of the night. Safety is key!

Were there budget constraints and how were they met?

Budget was not a concern on this project. The client valued the strong benefits of quality lighting in rebranding, allowing the design team to deliver a top-of-the-line lighting solution that works closely with interiors to fully transform the space.

What was your favorite aspect of involvement in the project?

No budget was very nice! I got to recommend, specify, and install a fixture I have wanted to see on a project for a while now. Small victory!

What were the project’s goals regarding lighting?

The goal was to help this office building stand out, with updated finishes, sustainable light sources, and plenty active communal space. Creating a welcome experience was vital to attract savvy tenants from millennials to baby boomers and serve as a destination for collaboration.

How were these goals achieved?

Warm color tones, highly textured walls, and a cozy fireplace create a hospitality feel, encouraging tenants to spend time in the space instead of just passing through. Large-scale decorative pendants set dramatically in front of a bright yellow backdrop draw people in from the neighborhood via direct views through the existing glass curtain wall.

Are there any best practices that we have learned through this project?

Yes, we had an installation hiccup with a perimeter slot fixture. We learned that we need to take more time to closely specify and indicate in drawings non-illuminated extension pieces for perimeter wall grazing fixtures.

It was really exciting to be a part of this makeover – witnessing old spaces being reinvigorated through light and design reminds me of why I do what I do every day!– Says Barrett.


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