In our HLB cities, we went out with one mission – to help others. While we pride ourselves in working hard every day, we also know that part of being a successful company is helping to create a successful community around us. From feeding the homeless to cleaning up parks, taking the time to give back helped remind us what the true meaning of teamwork is. Volunteering makes a difference in the world and HLB encourages you to get involved in your community, too! Check out how HLB offices supported their community:

HLB New York – BARC Animal Shelter
HLB NY Volunteered at BARC animal shelter in Brooklyn, NY. BARC works to provide a safe haven for abandoned animals giving them with food, shelter, medical attention and love. We did our part spending time with some of these animals, giving them the love and attention they deserve. We spent most of the day outside walking the dogs. When we arrived at BARC, we were briefed on how to handle the animals, safety precautions, and what to expect. We set out in different groups, one of smaller dogs and one of larger dogs. We walked around Brooklyn, taking the dogs to various parks and along the East River. They seemed happy to be outside, surrounded by people and other dogs. The experience was just as refreshing


HLB Los Angeles – Baby2Baby
HLB Los Angeles participated in two activities. One team was assigned the task of unpacking boxes of donations from Toys R Us, one of the organizations key donors. For tax purposes, we had to log all donations by hand, then sort and separate items. Some of the goodies went immediately onto their shelves so that the families that come to them could take them. Some of the goodies are being held for their big, upcoming Christmas party, where they give families in need Christmas gifts that they most likely wouldn’t otherwise get to have. Another team was tasked with sorting through baby clothing donations and making coordinated outfits from individual articles of clothing — our team of designers got to play stylist for the day! Baby2Baby also has a ‘Sponsor a Family’ program over the holiday season. Our team was so moved by their mission that we will be sponsoring at least one family this year as well.


HLB Boston – Greater Boston Food Bank
Team Boston was excited to spend a day at the Greater Boston Food Bank, the largest hunger-relief organization in New England. GBFB distributes 60.7 million pounds of nutritious food to people who don’t have enough to eat and are committed to providing at least one meal a day to every person in need. HLB Boston worked together by sorting through a large delivery of lemons and ended up salvaging 11,396 lemons to give back to community.


HLB San Francisco – Marin Food Bank
HLB San Francisco volunteered for the second year in a row at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. The food bank distributes more than 100,000 meals a year, with 60% being fresh produce. The food bank “envisions a community where everyone is able to obtain enough nutritious food to support the health and well-being of themselves and their families”. This year the team helped package boxes for the elderly. HLB was tasked with adding milk and juice to the boxes and breaking down cardboard containers. In a few hours, with several other groups, we packaged 1,001 lbs. of boxes to be distributed to people in need.



HLB Miami – Festival of Trees

The Festival of the Trees is a fundraising event coordinated by Florida International University’s Interior Architecture Department and its advisory board. Each year South Florida’s architecture and design community demonstrates its support for quality interior architecture education through their annual participation in the Festival of the Trees event and auction. Every year, the Festival of the Trees sponsors underwrite designers who design and build their unique holiday creations and donate them to the event. The “trees” are then displayed and auctioned at the gala opening. All funds collected then go towards Interior Architecture education. HLB Miami was sponsored by a local lighting rep and participated by creating a unique “tree” for the event.

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