About Hayden

Hello, I'm Hayden.

My love for nature has had a profound impact on my design sensibilities throughout my 40 years of practicing architectural lighting design. My native Californian roots immersed me in environmental concerns, later reinforced at the UCLA School of Architecture. My career has focused on the creative interplay of daylighting and electric light, shaping luminous environments that provide maximum qualitative benefits to the occupants. I strive to create designs that balance the spectacular with the sustainable, the beautiful with the cost-effective, and the healthy with the maintainable. My passion for totally integrated design was recently demonstrated in the LEED Platinum home and gardens (above) that my husband and I designed for ourselves.

Upon joining HLB 8 years ago, I formalized HLB’s already strong legacy of holistic design into the Daylighting and Sustainable Design Studio (DSD), and am proud to lead such an inspired and dedicated group of lighting design professionals.

Light is such a powerful tool for creativity. It has the ability to transform space and perception and I revel in the ability to sculpt light and enhance architectural form. Over my long career, I have been fortunate to design hundreds of projects of every different building type. I’ve been drawn to projects with complex and unique challenges, seeking elegant solutions that balance and integrate all aspects of nature, light and human perception. I come to work each day with the same sense of curiosity and enthusiasm I had at the beginning of my career, always looking for new and exciting opportunities afforded by every project. After all, lighting design is my passion, and daylighting is my joy!

MY HLB CAREER8 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED40 years of integrated lighting design expertise

MY LIGHTING LEADERSHIP40 years leading daylighting and sustainable design


Some of my work

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