In all six of our HLB cities, we went out with one mission – to help others. While we pride ourselves in working hard every day, we also know that part of being a successful company is helping to create a successful community around us. From feeding the homeless to cleaning up parks, taking the time to give back helped remind us what the true meaning of teamwork is. Volunteering makes a difference in the world and HLB encourages you to get involved in your community, too! Check out how each HLB office supported their community:

HLB Boston – Rosie’s Place
The Boston crew spent a day at Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women. We were excited to be cleaning, organizing, and serving women in need within our community at the first shelter for women in the United States. Getting to know the staff at Rosie’s Place was eye-opening and gratifying. They help 12,000 women a year with emergency and long-term services, such as English classes and job and housing assistance.


HLB Denver – Eldorado State Park
Team Denver was thrilled to volunteer at the Eldorado Canyon State Park, a favorite spot for local Boulder climbers, hikers and trail-runners. Colorado Parks and Wildlife welcomes volunteers to help with upkeep on the extensive state-wide network of outdoor recreation sites. Our team worked with Parks staff to help secure the hillside along one of the steepest sections of a trail that sees significant summer traffic. The trail maintenance effort will help to reduce erosion along the hillside and keep the trail passable through the winter months.


HLB New York – BARC Animal Shelter
HLB NY Volunteered at BARC animal shelter in Brooklyn, NY. BARC works to provide a safe haven for abandoned animals giving them with food, shelter, medical attention and love. We did our part spending time with some of these animals, giving them the love and attention they deserve. We spent most of the day outside walking the dogs. When we arrived at BARC, we were briefed on how to handle the animals, safety precautions, and what to expect. We set out in different groups, one of smaller dogs and one of larger dogs. We walked around Brooklyn, taking the dogs to various parks and along the East River. They seemed happy to be outside, surrounded by people and other dogs. The experience was just as refreshing and beneficial for the dogs as it was for us. When we returned the dogs to the shelter, we got to visit some of the other dogs and cats there before it was time to go.


HLB San Francisco – Marin Food Bank
HLB San Francisco volunteered at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. We were given a tour of the food bank, where we learned that 60% of the food distributed is produce. Every year more than 100,000 meals are distributed. The warehouse was impressive, we were shown the type of produce the food bank receives. Typically they receive fruits and vegetables that are rejected by Grocery stores for cosmetic reasons, but are still perfectly edible. We were outfitted with very stylish hair nets, beard nets, and gloves to help weigh out, seal, and package 1 lb bags of rice for individual sale. The morning flew by and included a contest to see which table could get the most boxes to the exact weight.


HLB Los Angeles – Tree Musketeers
The HLB Los Angeles office gave back to the environmental movement by volunteering with Tree Musketeers. Their Mission is to empower young people to be environmental leaders. HLB volunteered on a warm afternoon in El Segundo by cleaning up the landscaping alongside a wide stretch of Imperial Highway just south of Los Angeles International Airport. The team was tasked to pull out overgrown weeds and to pick up trash that may have been thrown out of vehicles. Our handful of HLB volunteers from designers to marketing staff members brought their A-game to help keep El Segundo beautiful and clean!


HLB Miami – Feeding South Florida
Our Miami group volunteered at Feeding South Florida, a regional food bank serving non-profit agencies throughout South Florida. Agencies include: food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and child care centers. We started our morning by boxing food that had been inspected already – food items included: dry goods, snacks, fruit cups, condiments, candies, beverages, ect. We boxed the food and put it in categorized pallets ready for distribution. Once all the food was boxed we went to the sorting facility. This was were the big chunk of the process took place. We divided into two teams: a team that would run through a quick inspection to throw away any food that was open and a second team that would do a more thorough inspection checking for expiration dates. HLB was part of the initial inspection and we inspected pet food and supplies. Overall in 4 hours the whole team sorted 18,000 + pounds of food, an equivalent of 15,000+ meals.

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