The annual 40 Under 40 in the Lighting Illumination in Architecture Magazine results are in and HLB is proud to claim 3 of their spots. Congratulations are in order to New York’s Golsana Heshmati, San Francisco’s Faith Jewell, and Denver’s Darcie Chinnis on their recognition. Check out what our young lighting innovators have to say about the strengths of this generation of Lighting Designers in comparison to the previous generation.

Darcie Chinnis, PhD, PE, MIES, LEED AP BD+C
Senior Associate
HLB Denver

“One of the biggest potential strengths I see with this next generation of lighting designers is the expectation of customization. We’ve grown to expect that we can modify the things around us to be personal – our tech, our music, our media. I think we’ll see this play out with lighting design solutions that are more tuned to the application, especially with the flexibility LED lighting gives us, and provide the end users with more ability to control the lighting themselves.”


Faith Jewell, Assoc. IALD, MIES
Senior Associate
HLB San Francisco

“Our ability to collaborate without physical boundaries is what I consider the one of the greatest strengths of this generation of lighting designers. With access to virtual meeting and video conferencing technologies we are able to connect with clients and colleagues all over the world. To me, this is an incredible opportunity to learn from and share our perspectives on light not just with our own immediate local markets but with a global community of designers. I believe this new way of communicating enables this generation of lighting designers to develop creative and innovative solutions in a way that has never been done before.”


Golsana Heshmati, Assoc. IALD, Assoc. AIA
HLB New York

“Lighting design is a young industry, The pioneers have came a long way. They explored the magic of architectural lighting design in every way they could think of and left a lot to be unraveled and innovated for the next generation. The main strength of the new generation is the integration of the fast pace new technologies in every aspect of their work and life and how they learn to lead the changes quickly and effectively.”

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