The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an organization that brings both meaning and importance to lighting professionals all over the world. At HLB, we believe in the power of our people to help grow the industry and support the ever-changing technology that drives our work. We are proud to encourage and support the four individuals that have been recently recognized by the IALD Membership Committee:

From left to right…

“I am very excited to be part of IALD family. I am looking forward to the great opportunities to know more professionals.”
– Says Zhenyu Ye

“My membership with IALD means a whole new wealth of knowledge, support, and mentor ship has opened up for me. I look forward to growing as a designer with the organization.” – Says Maura Reinhart.

“I consider joining IALD as a milestone in my career. It is a great opportunity not only to connect with the Lighting Design community, but also to improve my knowledge and skills through the organization’s programs.” – Says Venna Resurreccion.

Being new to the Lighting Design industry, having a go-to-place like the IALD helps me stay in the loop within the industry, as well as facilitating a connection with other members.” – Says Eddy Garcia.

A word of advice and encouragement from our own lighting leader and IALD Past President, Barbara Horton:

“I’d like to congratulate our designers who joined the IALD this year. Your career with HLB will be enhanced greatly as you become an active member of the growing lighting design community. I encourage you to get involved on a local level where you learn to exchange ideas, enhance your professional development and build on your knowledge of the industry. The Principals of the firm all begin with volunteer committee work, participating on local activities and built camaraderie and respect from our peers. During my presidency over the past two years the IALD grew over 40% which is a testament that we are in a growing industry you are now a very important part of.”

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