Integrated Talent


The HLB team is wired for success, offering the full range of talent necessary to support every client need. From Principals, Designers, Architects and Engineers, Marketers and Graphic Designers, Technology Specialists, Accounting Gurus and more — we’re leaders in our fields, engaged in our communities, and incredibly proud of the work we create.

HT Tina Aghassian
“My passion is to create spaces that reveal the subtle nuances of light and capture the architect’s intent, using art, music, and nature as inspiration.”
Nishat Alam
“Lighting is not just about design or aesthetics, but something much greater. Lighting is what shapes the human experience.”
Yi Bai
"Lighting is an elegant design language, which choreographs the conflict and harmony of spatial experience."
Abraham Benguigui
“As lighting designers, we have the power to shape an individual’s experience and emotional response to their environment.”
Adam Bernardino
"Designing with light allows one for an outside the box approach to effectively and aesthetically highlight spaces and places that may otherwise go unnoticed."
Joanna Billy
“If you do your work with integrity and accuracy then it all adds up.”
Lee Brandt
“I feel the highest sense of accomplishment when the client is happy because our team has provided solutions that are responsible, sustainable, and functional.”
E. Teal Brogden ''The B''
“Light can inspire, reveal, encourage, delight. It is both the baseline and the finishing touch in the way we perceive our surroundings.”
Abby Brown
“Cultivating relationships and nurturing ideas is what makes my job fun.”
"Work should be fun. Come pet me, I'll be your best friend and brighten your day!"
Alec Buxton
"Lighting can make the difference between good architecture and exceptional architecture."
Beth Cantavella
"Numbers tell a story. Not just about the past, but about how we can impact the future. Understanding data as well as our relationships are what make a Great Company!"
Debora Chadorchi
"Always aim to make the impossible possible!"
Darcie Chinnis
“Light can be crafted to be quiet or loud, soft or harsh, calm or active, with layers of nuanced decisions.”
Maria Dautant
“Everything we see is light. It reveals and shapes our world.”
Renee DeCristofaro
"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."
Lindsey Dieter
"I am in pursuit of employing light as a catalyst for movement, physical engagement and multi-sensory experience."
Tonya Dooley
This is a relationship business. I feel a close sense of kinship with the people that I get to work with every day -- from my colleagues to our clients and strategic partners. That's what gets me out of bed every morning!
Ketryna Fares
"While the physical space shapes the light, the light in return forms the body's experience of place."
Jonas Ryan Foster
“Keep it simple, but make it memorable.”
Samantha French
"Lighting has its own voice but can be understood in any language. Designing with light is to communicate and show others what you want them to see."
Eddy Garcia
“Light brings life to a space with a flip of a switch.”
Cindy Gerardo
“To greet you is my joy; to help you is my aim. It’s all about you!”
Amelia Gochez
“If my determination to succeed is strong enough then failure is not an option.”
Robyn Goldstein
“The mathematical beauty of light is awe-inspiring to me with its elegance and sublime purity. The study of structure and pattern unite my mutual passions, mathematics and lighting.”
Carly Gordillo
"Lighting has become a natural extension of my architectural soul."
Carrie Hawley
“Lighting is that intrinsic element of architecture that taps into our emotions, helping to reveal, transform, and satisfy the architectural soul.”
Joyce Hahn
“Light is the medium through which we perceive our environment and is a powerful tool to create a dynamic visual and physical experience."
Golsana Heshmati
“The purpose of design is creating intriguing lit environments through the utilization and manipulation of material and immaterial elements, and creating balance between them.”
Samuel Hewett
"Lighting has the power to create beauty out of darkness."
Barbara Horton ''The H''
"Light has the seemingly magical power to transform objects into environments and environments into experiences."
Bahareh Hosseini
“Light is the ultimate touch of creation, it has the power to transform spatial experiences with the thinnest layer of finest quality.”
Amy Huan
“Light is a cure. Offering uplifting and positive healing environments, light stimulates balance and harmony.”
Allison Hunter
“Light affects us both physiologically and emotionally; my passion is to balance an architectural vision by creating dazzling experiences while satisfying people’s needs and client’s expectations.”
Faith Jewell
"Light is a powerful phenomenon that breaths life, color, and texture into the beautiful tapestry that is our visual experience.”
Manal Kahale
“Light is not only a tool but a layer of design itself - used as a necessity and as an art. And this untouchable tool opens the gates of the imagination, controls the way we perceive, and allows others to perceive the world we live in.”
John Keyes
"Light is a powerful thing, it shapes our perception, influences our biology, and affects our psychology. We have the privilege of messing with such an awesome power.”
Stephen Lees ''The L''
"We are re-tuned daily by our exposure to light. It is essential that more focus be given to the quality, quantity, and timing of light in the environments we create."
Lupita Legaspi Castellanos
“I love the dark. It gives us the opportunity to discover spaces and give them personality. Whether it’s an office, a building facade or an art pieces, light guides our eyes and gives them the pleasure of seeing.”
Adam Levine
“I am most inspired by our first light fixture - the Sun. The sun shines from all angles and renders beautiful colors. The sky, each day, is a new canvas of inspiration.”
Michael Lindsey
“While technology and architecture ever evolve, lighting remains the artist’s greatest paintbrush to inspire, reflect, and influence emotion.”
Patricia Lubin
"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence."
Clifton Manahan
“Theatrical-style and architectural lighting design can provide excitement, creativity and drama in spaces but a good lighting designer will get hands-on to consider the performance, energy efficiency, cost and maintenance of a space for ongoing ease of use and comfort.”
Hayden McKay
“I am inspired by nature’s lighting effects: endless variations of color, direction, and intensity. The joyous integration of light and architecture starts with natural light.”
Jamie Medeiros
"Light gives us the opportunity to see the world in a new perspective, it brings out the beauty in the simple things."
Andrew Moore
“Lighting has the unique ability to shape how we experience the world around us.”
Barrett Newell
“Quality of light should be designed even before illumination of architecture, as our well-being is profoundly affected by it.”
Chris O'Neill
"To achieve true inner peace is to finish what you start. So far I've finished two bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already."
June Park
“Designing light is designing time and our experience with it.”
Karen Park
“Lighting is a language for spaces to tell their own visual identity at night."
Kuntal Pathak
"My passion is to use the light of technology to illuminate the path of challenge."
Amaia Puras-Ustárroz
"Light has an enigmatic power of influence. It is capable of changing people's perception and emotions and of shaping spaces at will."
Vasudha Rathi
“Light – a powerful design tool, when applied right can make simple extraordinary!”
Maura Reinhart
“Lighting is an instrument to help unravel and tell the story of a building - it helps breathe life, highlight features, and is an invitation for people to admire its beauty.”
Venna Resurreccion
“Light is that definitive force that enhances the experience of architecture and space.”
Mike Rubinfeld
“Every lamp needs a power source to shine brightly, and as such, my mission has been defined.”
Elizabeth Schrott
"The biggest impact is usually inspired by the smallest moments."
Bradley Sisenwain
“My passion in lighting design derives from the drive to enhance and support architectural beauty while utilizing a methodology of problem solving to achieve practical and desired results.”
Guy Smith
“Light is the most magical of architectural elements, giving vibrancy to building form and space... enhancing and enabling the lives within."
Heejung Son
"The earth is architecture. And air, light."
Michelle Tessier
“There is a playful quality to light when it interacts with a space, the movement offers a simple definition of shadow versus light.”
Brandon Thrasher
“Architecture is my canvas and light is my paintbrush.”
Genesis Vasquez
“Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to fail. Get creative and experiment, because if you’re a good marketer, you have to be a little crazy!”
Simi Veit
“The art of lighting design is understanding and arranging a scientific phenomenon into a creative composition that stimulates the emotions and entertains the senses.”
Shelby White
"I am inspired by the music of light. Each layer of light plays its part in the symphony of forms, textures, shadows, and color which compose a beautifully lit space."
Jaime Wisniewski
“Pay attention to detail and always throw in a little creativity.”
Ruoying Wu
"The rhythm of light and shadow creates sequence of experiences, enhancing the timelessness of architectural form."
Azusa Yabe
“I am constantly inspired and challenged by our ability to physiologically react to light and its properties; it’s by understanding this physiological reaction that we are given the opportunity to create.”
Zhenyu Ye
“Lighting can give architecture new form, new relationship of things and new atmosphere. The most attractive thing of lighting design is not only the creative concepts, but also learning the changing technology.”
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