IT person

Hello, I’m Barbara.

At first I intended to be an Interior Designer and went to FIT fully motivated to become just that. One thing led to another and I ended up interning for a lighting designer out of school. Fast forward years later, I found myself as a fully-fledged lighting designer running my own studio. These fortunate turn of events and career choices led me to become CEO of HLB in 1992.

To work with clients from all over the world is very rewarding, and the hands-on experience I have gained as an industry trained lighting designer has forged my belief that delivery is just as important as the inspiration. Recognizing the challenges of today’s environmental stewardship for lighting conservation is an opportunity to create smart solutions that balance budgets and functionality with quality lighting experiences.

Urban Streetscape projects are my passion. As an avid sailor and skier, I am constantly inspired by the outdoor environment and the opportunities for light and darkness to positively affect our well-being.

MY HLB CAREER36 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED38 years of expertise

MY LIGHTING LEADERSHIP24 years as President


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