HLB Lighting Design is currently collaborating with James Corner Field Operations to establish illumination strategies for the 10-mile Miami Underline, which will detail the typical path approach and its adaptation to multiple feature areas in the park. The Underline is organized in outdoor character rooms, each of which has its own character and function. HLB designed a flexible lighting scheme which gives capability for adaptation of the illumination to the requirements of each specific “room”.

The typical Underline path transverses many diverse urban landscapes which include residential neighborhoods, business districts, the University of Miami and a variety of challenging intersections. Normal operating will be dimmed to 50%. Each light pole will have a sensor that brings the light to full output when motion is detected. This feature allows for energy savings along the 10-mile spine, maintains low light levels in residential areas, and notifies cars and pedestrians when there is a presence is approaching on the path.

Friends of the Underline, the non-profit that is fostering the design, is currently looking for funding for the entirety of the project. In the meantime, many of the feature areas are expected to kick-off the formal construction documentation process.

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