The most important part of any healthcare institute is taking care of their patients and people alike – mind, body, and soul. At the Cedars-Sinai Plaza Healing Gardens, HLB created lighting designs that expressed ease, safety, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Check out our Q&A with HLB Los Angeles’ Azusa Yabe for details on what made this project so special.

What made this project or experience special to you and your team?

To provide a garden, a place to contemplate for the patients in the urban environment.

Describe an energy challenge and how was it met.

T24 energy code, using LED sources and low wattage spec for the LED details integrated along the continuous planter edge.

Describe a design challenge and how was it achieved.

Existing environment and very challenging budget. Worked closely with the architect to maintain the design integrity through a big Value Engineering process. We had to give up replacing existing downlights with smaller apertures, however we were able to maintain consistent color temperature with lamping.

Were there safety or security issues addressed by the design?

Yes, one of the challenges was to make sure there is no dark and hidden areas – public circulation and for the safety of the patients.

Was there something unique about the design?

Landscape design and lighting created an intimate environment with low level lighting and view cut-off. Even the project is located above busy streets of Los Angeles, it does not feel that way.

What was your favorite aspect of involvement in the project?

Working with the creative people of Ball Nouges Studio.

How were the lighting design goals achieved?

By working closely with the Architect and creating a mockup. We also used AGI 3D model studies for the art piece to ensure it was lit properly.

Are there any best practices that we have learned through this project?

Close collaboration with the team.

The project truly offers a place of relaxation within a busy city and creates positive environment where patients, visitors and hospital staff can experience.


Project Team: Cedars-Sinai (project team: Zeke Triana, Adrienne Haynes, Kevin Hsu); AHBE Landscape Architects; Hensel Phelps, Contractor; Frank Webb Architects; KPFF Consulting Engineers (civil and structural engineering); JOMA Design Studio (fountain design); M-E Engineers, Inc. (MEP engineers); Ball-Nogues Design Studio (pavilion design); SKA Design (graphics and signage); AECOM (cost estimating); Mollenhauer Group (surveying); Sweeney + Associates (irrigation design); and Curtainwall Design Consulting.

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