About Lee

Hello, I’m Lee.

Don’t ask me why, but I take a lot of “foot shots” – documenting who I am with and the ground we’ve walked. This is at Boulder Field in Pennsylvania with my husband and two sons.

I discovered lighting during my studies in the Architectural Engineering program at Penn State and went on to pursue it as a career to blend my keen interest of art and science. I’d like to think of myself as a disciplined thinker, who is both practical and resourceful. Like my favorite light fixture, the fluorescent strip (haven’t found the LED equivalent yet) – bringing simplicity, efficiency, and versatility to the design process is critical in achieving successful lighting integration.

I joined HLB in 2000 and never looked back. Through the past 16 years I’ve seen the firm grow immensely through their investment in employee retention and professional growth, I am proof of HLB’s entrepreneurial spirit. It’s one of my main goals as Principal and the Director of HR to provide an environment of reward and recognition to the team, ensuring everyone has the tools to deliver projects and manage client care – happily and successfully.

I thrive on the complexity of hospitality projects. Working on large and small scale hotels, from national to boutique brands, every design experience and solution becomes unique. My engineering background gives me the ability to create lighting solutions that enhance project aesthetics while being grounded in well-thought-through analysis. My other area of expertise falls on the practical energy code side and I have enjoyed working with designers across the country on formulating the lighting language in energy codes and sustainable codes.

MY HLB CAREER16 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED16 years of expertise

MY LIGHTING LEADERSHIP8 years leading energy standards, codes


Some of my work

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