As highlighted in Architizer – this 3 Star Michelin restaurant with art deco details, custom interior accents throughout, and a lighting design that brings every new and historic element to life was carefully curated by HLB New York’s Lee Brandt and her design team. Vital to the overall design, it was imperative for the entire project team to uphold the original yet contemporary aesthetic of the space.

How did light impact the Client’s desire for luxurious dining?

Color temperature was critical. It was very important for the chefs to plate the meals in the kitchen and have the color be consistent with what the meals looked like in the dining room. While we did have a difference in color temperature in the two spaces, the color rendering was very high and the white table cloths on the dining tables also made a difference.

Was it hard to maintain the historic aspect of the space?

No. For a change this was an easy and cost effective solution because the existing historic fixtures remained and we just re-lamped them. There was a color temperature change and some matching with theatrical gel sleeves and mock-ups, but the construction manager understood our intent and took this exercise on as part of the construction.

Art Deco design was a big part of this project – what kind of lighting did you implement to convey the best mood-setting light?

The existing fixtures remained and other decorative fixtures were selected by the architect. We collaborated with them to achieve their desired appearance while having the light output and distribution do what we needed it to do. The decorative lighting offered many layers of light on the walls, tables, and ceiling. Dimming was critical and we set up various dining scenes for various times of day and the client needs.

“It was an honor to be a part of this wonderful renovation project to such an icon of a space and restaurant. The team worked hard to make sure every lamp and color was spot on and the success shows!”



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