A mall renovation to the tune of 880,000 square feet and a $1 billion budget was designed with entertainment in mind. While enhancing the shopping experience was crucial, the project also sought out to be ‘hospitality-like’ and lively. Integrated LED diodes, dynamic white lighting, and individually addressable controls were just the beginning of the design team’s challenges to take on. Check out what Senior Designer, Karen Park, had to say about diving into the details of the project!

What made this project experience special to you and your team?

This remodeling project began with a new vision of a timeless luxury shopping mall with a high-end hospitality feel. It was an exciting experience for our team to highlight architectural elements with Mid-Century design concepts while collaborating with Gensler, OJB and Kelly Wearslter. The façade lighting of the project is a new nighttime landmark on the Santa Monica Blvd in the middle of Century City.

Describe an energy challenge and how was it met.

In order to create a hospitality atmosphere, many areas were highlighted with uplighting effects. Uplighting limitation in order to meet CalGreen requirement was carefully vetted throughout the project.

Describe a design challenge and how was it achieved.

Overall project was widely designed with dynamic white fixtures that are integrated within architectural details. The façade incorporated specially designed TAKTL panels and the event terrace wood canopy were two major elements with dynamic white fixtures. Various architectural conditions were definitely challenging to coordinate details with! DMX controlled programming was rigorously designed and reviewed.

Were there budget constraints and how were they met?

Originally specified downlights used for general circulation were value-engineered to meet project budget. Due to the large quantity of fixtures needed for the success of the project, the alternate manufacturer suggested for cost-effective modification while meeting initial design intents.

Was there something unique about the design process or method of delivery – Design Build? LEAN?

This project was certainly distinctive from other Design-Build projects. The Client, the Westfield Group, has its own design team. Therefore, the Westfield design team was leading the overall design process over the architects.

What makes the design of this mall different from others?

This mall is embracing the quiet and residential atmosphere compared to other large shopping malls with various anchor stores, busy and loud with crowds of people. Most of retail tenant spaces are cohesively connected to the overall mall design vocabularies such as wood framed sun-shades and landscape elements that are softly illuminated with architectural lighting.

Were there controls, custom fixtures, commissioning, or daylighting scope for HLB?

HLB coordinated the presets of the DMX controls for dynamic white lighting via Lumenpulse and Color Kinetics. A lesson learned from this project? We were able to re-strategize commissioning requirements from manufactures and planning for proper education for property management teams for complicated projects.

What were the project’s overall goals regarding lighting?

The overall goal was to create an intimate lit environment while providing required light levels for outdoor mall spaces. Safety and properly lit exterior spaces was also a key feature in ensuring the success of the project.

How were these goals achieved?

The aesthetics and controllability of fixtures were carefully reviewed and selected. Also, many fixtures were integrated within architectural details through various coordination efforts. The candle-like accent uplight on the wood screens is a good example of our team’s attention to detail.

Project Credits: Collaboration between Westfield Design, Kelly Wearstler and Gensler.

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