Designed to be ‘uniquely New York’, the new Resorts World Casino New York with lighting by HLB Lighting Design incorporates the vibrant elements of the city, reflecting the local iconography through architectural and illumination elements of color, pattern, texture and form. Exactly 3,650 days after the legislation for the first casino in New York City was signed, the “Flash-track” project opened to expand the original Aqueduct raceway into a “Racino”. Compressed design and construction phases ensured on-time delivery. “The project was challenging in that the lighting was deeply integral to every inch of the architectural design elements,” says Bradley Sisenwain, HLB Project Manager. “We needed to anticipate and communicate design ideas and complex details swiftly, resulting in true collaboration and team success,” adds Barbara Horton, HLB Senior Principal.

Throughout all aspects of design HLB used the Power of Light to create an experience that visually activated the environment for this exciting inaugural casino for the Big Apple.

HLB created the casino experience almost exclusively using LED technology starting with the dynamic color-changing lighting across the main façade and entry canopy to the main casino floor.  Inside the 3-story atrium, guests are captivated a cascading beaded 60-foot long chandelier.  Color-changing uplight surrounding the sculptural chandelier continues the mood setting and visually activated environment established throughout the casino.  All of the lighting is controlled through a standard theatrical dimming system which is programmed to transition with various events and times of day.

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Source: Illumni
Architect: JCJ Architecture
Size: 1.5 million square feet
Cost: $830 million

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