750 LEDs are only the beginning of the new design for Nickelodeon’s west coast campus. At 114,000 square feet, the expansion to the campus shines with tribute pieces to a mix of Nickelodeon shows and people who have worked on them. Moments of lighting grandeur enliven the space, including a full height marquee “NICK” sign welcoming guests to the building as lamps subtly pulse and sparkle. Read more from our HLB Los Angeles-based project manager and Senior Designer, Maura Reinhart.

What made this project or experience special to you and your team?

The collaborative process with Studios Architecture was a highlight on this project. Whenever we get the chance to work closely with an Architect that strives to incorporate lighting into the creative expression of a space, it is a fun and challenging experience where the value of our work is extra meaningful.

Describe an energy challenge and how was it met.

LEED Gold was targeted for the project, so HLB designed using LED sources with a high level of control.

What was the greatest design challenge for the team?

We typically light open work spaces with plenty of direct light, but designing for animators presented a unique challenge. For animation, a less intense, soft, indirect light was preferred. With careful calculations and coordination with the architectural elements, we were able to light the space indirectly and evenly with dimmable light to meet the animator’s needs. It was important to us to make sure that we captured the client’s expectations properly.

Were there budget constraints?

No budget constraints. (Woooooooo!)

Were there controls, custom fixtures, commissioning, or daylighting scope for HLB?

We worked with the Architect to design the large NICK marquee in the Café area, as well as on the custom fiber optic ceiling in the screening room. The NICK marquee in the Café has over 750 LED light bulbs!

What was your favorite aspect of involvement in the project?

I especially enjoyed all of the fun, creative lighting elements we were able to incorporate into the design. From the starry ceiling and color-changing accents in the screening room, to the expressive decorative fixtures, there are elements of surprise across the whole project.

What were the project’s goals regarding lighting?

We wanted to create a working environment that served the specific needs of the end user, while utilizing light in the creative expression of the space.

“Nickelodeon provided me the opportunity to work on a design that presented both the technical and creative challenges of a project, but with the level of collaboration we shared with the Architect, the process for this project stands out as a career highlight for me. Creating the lighting design for a fun TV station like NICK is definitely a fun twist to my everyday work!”

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