About Matthew

Hello, I'm Matthew.

How did I get here and where did it all begin, this seemingly inseparable HLB bond formed with the immutable?

I’ve routinely ask myself this same question at critical life “moments”, albeit in less poetic form. Always I find myself on a return to early childhood and a flood of both real and eidetic images: laying in an empty room with a perfectly framed view of the moon (my mother likes to tell the story from the POV of how I expertly disassemble my crib and dragged it up the stairs to do this), a series achromatically images seen through a large glass prism kept in my pant pocket that eventually broke and stuck in my leg while playing in the schoolyard. (Taped together the images were no less interesting.)

As I got older I could not help but seek these experiences in increasing amount, and always favoring the more intense. Before architectural lighting I’ve had my hands (and mind) on high intensity lasers, neon, fiber optics, holography and early computer television graphics. It’s been a long road from NBC Television to HLB Lighting, saturated in imagery and following more of a circle than a line.

Was else do you need to know about me? I seek collaboration and need to see ideas manifest in a shared space rather than get lost in time. I believe good design can always go one step further.

MY HLB CAREER2 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED20 years of expertise

MY LIGHTING LEADERSHIP20 years leading energy standards, codes


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