About Michael

Hello, I’m Michael.

As often is the case, family knows best. My passion for lighting design started when trying to select a major for college, at which time one of my older sisters guided me toward the degree of Architectural Engineering. Following her suggestion, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and quickly found that under the tutelage of individuals who shaped the lighting industry, I could be engaged in a profession helping scratch the itch of both science and design.

Having joined HLB initially as an intern in 2006 and then full-time starting in 2007, I was lucky enough to recognize early and often the amazing opportunity HLB presented me with. Starting in the HLB Los Angeles office, I was challenged on a daily basis helping me grow quickly toward my goal of leadership and development of a talented team. In 2015, I spearheaded the opening of an HLB office in my home of Denver and enjoy the challenge of building HLB’s presence within the design community and molding a team of supremely talented teammates.

When looking to establish a career and profession, I always told people that my goal was to find one that excited me each day and challenged my skillset and weaknesses keeping me in a continual state of being “comfortably uncomfortable”. I have not only been lucky enough to find that profession, but the firm in HLB that supports my desire to grow and become a leader within the industry.

MY HLB CAREER10 years of fun

MY INDUSTRY CRED10 years of expertise

MY LIGHTING LEADERSHIP7 years leading energy standards, codes


Some of my work

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