Osram’s alluring new headquarters in Wilmington, MA gave HLB a design opportunity that many lighting designers dream of! Senior Associate, Robyn Goldstein, describes the award-winning and creative lighting solutions in a Q&A interview.

What made this project or experience special to you and your team?

Osram, as both a lamp and lighting technology company, so often provides the tools with which we design so being able to turn the tables and use those same elements in a creative manner to provide Osram with a dynamic and fun work space was pretty special.

Describe an energy challenge and how was it met.

Balance was the key to creating a space which not only showcased and highlighted Osram’s dynamic LED technology creating an instantaneous “wow” effect upon entrance to the space but that was also energy efficient. This was achieved by designing a highly energy efficient light layout for the open office areas allowing for a stronger emphasis to be placed on the unique moments such as the super-ray, throughout the space. This balance allowed the project to be both dynamic in nature and highly efficient at 25% below energy code.

Were there budget constraints and how were they met?

Yes, budget constraints were helped to be met by using products from manufacturers owned by Osram.

Was there something unique about the design process or method of delivery – Design Build? LEAN?

The project was designed using only light sources and drivers manufacturers by Osram.

Were there controls, custom fixtures, commissioning, or daylighting scope for HLB?

A completely digitally addressable lighting control system was specified giving the occupants of the space the ultimate control over their lighting with just a click of their mouse allowing Osram to quickly change and individualize their lighting experience.

What was your favorite aspect of involvement in the project?

My favorite aspect of the project was the close collaboration between the entire design team, without which the project would not have been nearly as successful as it was.

What were the project’s goals regarding lighting?

The lighting for Osram’s new headquarters needed to directly speak to the mission of this well-known global lighting company. The lighting concept was established from the beginning – “We are light”. Lighting solutions incorporated two powerful metaphors– “rays of light”, and “light leaks”.

How were these goals achieved?

Emanating from the building’s core, light “bursts through” the core via an LED mesh mounted to the wall at the top of the stair expanding into the super-ray, which is a glowing ceiling with light reflective surfaces on all sides, engulfing the staircase in light. LED tiles mounted continuously behind frosted acrylic ceiling panels create an ever-changing backlit effect, defining the super-ray with anything from daylight simulation to media projection.

Smaller rays slice through the floors all emanating from the core of the building, breaking up open office zones and creating homes for common areas. We made sure that the rays were illuminated by minimal continuous LED uplights suspended along the ray’s axis. Recessed rimless LED gimbal downlight pairs provide both accent and task lighting. Bright orange core walls are highlighted by LED light leaks on three sides of the back wall, alluding to light emanating from the core.

Are there any best practices that we have learned through this project?

Mock-ups are so very important and were absolutely necessary in determining the mounting detail and ceiling transparency which were required to create the backlit super-ray to ensure the best resolution and light levels without being able to see the individual pixels of the LED panels.

“It was such a unique experience and honor to design the lighting for the headquarters of a company which impacts our daily lives as lighting designers so deeply” Says Robyn.

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