At HLB, we love employing interns. Starting from the hiring process, it’s a great opportunity for us to work with schools and recruiting efforts. Once an intern is here, training them in the lighting design process is a two-way street. The project assistance they give us is huge while the mentoring we give them is our way of making sure future lighting designers are ready when they graduate. We learn so much from our interns – from new approaches and ideas, to computer skills – we hope they’ve learned just as much about company culture and teamwork amongst other lighting design skills. Check out what our fabulous summer interns had to say about their HLB experience.

HLB New York
Alex Guerra

“It was an honor to be chosen as one of HLB NYCs interns for the 2017 summer. Going into the summer I knew I was in for an incredible learning experience but I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. On my first day I pondered, what kind of projects I would work on, who would teach me the ropes, and what these whole “pods” were about. By the end of my time at HLB, all of my questions had been answer. Sorry Bradley- I asked a lot. I worked on a range of projects from small restaurants to new hospitals. The teaching of the ropes was done by everyone, and while “pods” may be set groups, everyone is really there to help out. I acquired much more knowledge about the Lighting world than I could have thought and even learned about the not so pretty sides of the design process, things they fail to teach you in school but become important in the real world. My time at HLB may have been short but it was stuffed to the brim with incredible experiences and people- I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.”

HLB New York
Luis Carrasquillo-Alicea

“HLB has given an amazing internship experience. In the past three months, I have been able to get a glimpse of what architectural lighting design looks like in a real-world context. Through my involvement in several projects, I was able to get an insight of the design process in its different stages. From assembling a preliminary concept presentation to building full-size lighting mock-ups, HLB has granted me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in some amazing projects, from which I have learned a great deal. Moreover, the work environment at HLB was welcoming and inspirational from day one. The level of companionship and mentoring is admirable, and it made me feel included and appreciated early in my internship. Thank you, HLB, for an incredible summer!”

HLB Los Angeles
Tena Pettit

Working in the HLB LA office this summer was an incredible experience, one that helped my professional and personal growth and improvement. I learned so much about lighting and the industry alongside some of the kindest, most hardworking, patient, and passionate people. The relationships formed and memories made with the LA office family will be what stick with me the most. Whether it be working on calculations or Revit (thanks to my amazing mentors Maura and Adam for teaching me all summer!) or visiting the kitchen area for food (very frequently, and mostly for lots of chocolate), sharing my story and getting to know the diverse and welcoming people here in the office made my time in LA with HLB most special. Thank you to all who have shared this amazing summer with me, I will miss you!

HLB Los Angeles
Marta Casarin

“The time I spent interning at HLB Los Angeles has been invaluable for my professional and personal growth. From the beginning, I was exposed to a participative way of working and I was given increasing responsibility on my tasks. I enjoyed working in team with Guy for the way he involved me in the project design and the time and patience he spent to explain me the project directions. I have learned a lot from observing Guy, Teal, Tina and the other senior designers for the way they were able to hold the reins of so many projects. I was surprised in a good way for the trust and responsibility I was given from the beginning, so I was even more motivated to do my best work and organize myself efficiently. The best activities I spent with HLB included a meeting with the client and the architect, in which I was involved with Guy, and a Punchlist site visit that I joined with Lupita. These were exciting moments when I got to really experience and appreciate the process of a project, and touch with hands the project’s outcome. The Lunch Demos were also important chances for me to learn more about technical lighting specifications. Most of all, I liked how HLB welcomed me and the other interns as part of the family, and helped us through our internship. All of them were always available and willing to answer to our questions and doubts. Also, I was happy to meet wonderful people, that were friends even beyond work. It was exciting to see HLB’s collaboration through offices and the moments when you share the work schedule and talk about common goals. Finally, I really appreciated their help and flexibility when I had to go back home for a family emergency. That was really noble and I will never forget it. Thanks, HLB!”

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