Ben Gurion International Airport – Airside Terminal

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Project Description

State-of-the-art lighting installations that meet international standards — igniting Israel’s transportation hub of the middle east.

HLB Lighting Design established a lighting design for the $250 million airside portion of the terminal. For matters of expediency the IAA divided the project into three parts and awarded each part to a different architectural firm.

HLB’s design services included interior lighting for public spaces including a multi-level boarding area for departing and arriving international flights, gate lounges, concourses, VIP lounge, transit lounge, a large rotunda, and a connector to the terminal building,
as well as site visits to review lighting mock-ups. In addition, an extensive family of “signature” custom fixtures were developed to go with the architectural aesthetic, and conducted comprehensive daylighting design.

Project Highlights

• Lighting designed to international airport standards
• Custom fixture design


• Moshe Safdie Architects


Project Background

• 2.9 million square feet
• $250 million

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