Caltrans District 7 Headquarters

Light takes shape, igniting a futuristic architectural canvas in historic downtown LA.

The building’s undulating exterior is programmed to constantly shift throughout the course of the day – the first of its kind in the modern era. Design architect, Morphosis, led the design-build collaboration which emphasized sustainable design and energy conservation. This system allows individual users to control the direct component of the overhead luminaries from their own workstation, while occupancy and daylight sensors continually monitor and adjust the indirect component. The ultimate result is lower energy consumption and higher user satisfaction.

HLB Lighting Design’s scope for this marquee project included interior lighting design for open and private offices, conference rooms, auditorium, childcare center, health center, credit union, lobby, and restrooms. Exterior lighting design for the building included the façade, plaza, atrium, and roof garden.

Project Highlights

• LEED Silver Certified
• Photovoltaic panels on the building’s skin




Project Background

• 1,200,000 square feet
• $170 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Illumination Award of International Merit
• Lumen West Award of Excellence

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