Chihuly Bridge of Glass

Luminous color defines a gateway of dramatic guiding light.

The Chihuly Bridge of Glass is a celebrated public landmark which crosses a major Tacoma freeway, connecting pedestrians to a public park and museum of glass installation.

The design goals provide a safe nighttime environment where pedestrians could experience the Chihuly pieces without intrusive light fixtures or an overwhelming ambient light level. The design relies on fixtures mounted unobtrusively in the poured concrete seating benches and the contribution of light from the three pavilions which house the Chihuly pieces: the Seaform Pavilion, the Gate and the Venetian Wall.

The Seaform Pavilion rests on a clear glass “ceiling” which integrate rows of dimmable fluorescent lamps and halogen accent lights. The pavilion has an upper glass “roof” that allows daylight through and protects the lighting and glass from weather. The Crystal Towers at the Gates are uplit with metal halide floodlights. Each cell of the Venetian Wall is illuminated with end-point fiber optics.

Project Highlights

• Fiber optics
• Lighting emphasis corpus effect


Andersson-Wise Architects


Project Background

• 600 feet
• $12 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Golden Gate Section Design Award

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