Coit Tower

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Project Description

An emblem of light shines tall and bright over the City by the Bay.

After undergoing a 6-month long renovation, the Lillian Coit Memorial Tower shines as one of San Francisco’s most prominent and enduring landmarks. The historic tower facade is frequently lit with color during the city’s special events, and changing the colored gels on the metal halide floodlights had become a cumbersome and costly process.

Architectural Resources Group consulted with HLB Lighting Design to replace the metal halides with Color Kinetics LED fixtures and install a control system for an updated method. To minimize impact on the historic building during installation, custom brackets were designed to hold the fixtures on the existing historic parapet. HLB’s design provided significant energy savings and helped breathe new light into this historic icon.

Project Highlights

• Custom-designed brackets on historic parapet
• Historic façade lighting


Architectural Resources Group


Project Background

• 3,000 square feet
• $1 million

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