Collins Department Store

Light defines a luminous shopping destination for Central America’s leader in luxury retail.

Covering four mall floors and offering a cafe for hungry shoppers, Collins specialty department store prides themselves as a full service destination for the high-end consumer. The need to employ a luxurious feel to premium brands throughout the space was essential. As an added bonus, the owner wanted to work exclusively with U.S. design consultants to bring a new level of design to the up-and-coming retail chain.

It’s all about the objects — illuminating jewelry, clothing, handbags, and shoes is one critical layer of light, but equally as critical was adding ambient layers to highlight ceiling coves and featured walls. In sales areas, average horizontal lighting levels of 950 lux were achieved while being 20% under Standard 90.1 2010 energy code allowance for retailers.

Adjustable accent fixtures are used in architectural slots and in multi-head recessed downlights. Many angle and beam studies were performed by HLB to ensure all areas were covered as well as avoiding high glare angles for shoppers.

Project Highlights

• Retail areas lit by 100% LED
• 20% under energy code


Kevin Kennon Architects


Project Background

70,000 square feet

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