Coney Island – Steeplechase Plaza & B&B Carousel

Light evokes the fun and eclectic spirit of Coney Island.

The B&B Carousel was originally built in 1906 with 50 hand-carved horses. Today a new pavilion adjacent to the boardwalk showcases the same 50 horses, the only difference being a 6-year restoration process. Featuring doors that open up to the boardwalk, the pavilion now offers a multi-purpose space for community events, a café, and a sweeping curving sun shade structure for outdoor dinners and visitors.

HLB Lighting Design wanted the structure to “come alive” with colored light as darkness falls, creating a sense of motion analogous to the spinning Carousel through dynamic architectural lighting effects. Creating multiple layers of lighting and scenes to provide a variety of moods for visitors was key. Soft indirect lighting created a comfortable and soothing environment which serves as a back-drop to the theatrical effects. This long neglected stretch of waterfront property is now a beacon of light for the community.

Project Highlights

• Dynamic RGB LED color-changing floodlights
• Complied with LEED Silver requirements
• Utilized traditional metal halide uplights


• Rockwell Group


Project Background

• 2.2 acres
• $29.5 million

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