Confidential Client – Tech Company

Tree-inspired designs illuminate flexible workspaces.

Inspired by Vancouver’s natural landscapes, more specifically a tree, this tech office was designed to highlight its architectural features. The office is divided in two floors, previously a retail space with 16’ high ceilings. The design team developed a series of sculptural wood ceilings to reinforce the tree concept throughout. The top floor of the office represents the canopy and the bottom floor represents the roots. Most of these sculptural ceilings “branch off” the building core or the “trunk” and slowly disappear towards the edge of the floor plan similar to foliage.

The office has an open plan with a number of private meeting rooms and pods scattered throughout the floor. Color was used to identify the different groups within the office, as well as a means of wayfinding. In private rooms, indirect lighting was essential in creating environments that felt comfortable. The direct/indirect nature of the lighting system provided uniform light levels throughout the space while also creating a dappled lighting effect that enforced the tree canopy/roots concept.

The use of LED was key in achieving the energy and light level requirements, as well as meeting the restricted budget. The dimming capabilities of LEDs were also important in daylighting integration, as both floors were surrounded by windows that extended almost from floor to ceiling.

Project Highlights

• Lighting system aimed for minimal footprint
• 100% LED lighting
• 0.77 W/SF
• 15% below energy code


• Perkins + Will
• Clive Wilkinson Architects
• Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Project Background

• 126,000 square feet

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