Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Illumination becomes a catalyst for inspiration — igniting an immersive theatrical experience.

From ambient lighting, to backlit and frontlit architectural features, to a color changing wave wall, the Dr. Phillips Center is one of HLB’s largest LED installations to date. Conventional light sources included linear fluorescents to backlight the “ghost” glass facade and compact fluorescents placed in custom designed pendants at the lobby and banquet hall.

The Walt Disney Theater features mostly concealed linear LED fixtures, highlighting the stretched fabric ceiling, blue acoustic walls, metal work of the proscenium, the stairs, and the stepped seating. The Community Theater is fancier than a typical blackbox, featuring backlit glass and metal balcony fronts, LED handrails and LED ambient downlights. The lobby features a color changing wave wall that can also receive projections from specialty theatrical fixtures. The color has been pre-programmed to represent the sun rising and setting – changing from cool blues to warm oranges. The facade features a flood lit roof and backlit glass that glows from blocks away, as well as custom pendant fixtures over the street and into the lobby, to draw patrons into the lively space where the arts stir excitement.

Project Highlights

• NC v 2.2 Certified Level
• Over 125 light fixture types
• Color changing wave wall
• Backlit “ghost” glass facade


• Barton Myers Associates
• Baker Barrios Architects


Project Background

• 369,000 square feet
• $386 million

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