Dropbox Headquarters

Tech-themed illumination syncs innovation and collaboration to the new era of shared workplace.

Dropbox unites their previously divided offices into one San Francisco location in the heart of SoMa, with a “hash-tag” floor plan linking two six-story buildings. While the off-street experience is restrained to provide safety and security, emphasis went into the workplace environment with special attention to lighting. Input from Dropbox’s employees made it apparent that variety in their work space was paramount.

Unique interior design finishes are supported by lighting solutions which allow employees to find workspaces to suit their mood. Low light levels in what is called the “deep focus” space establishes the ideal work environment for coders, while brightly illuminated custom fixtures at intersections encourage gathering for collaboration and socialization. Statement fixtures at a variety of scale create visual interest throughout Lighting solutions were carefully considered in high foot traffic areas, such as the gym, break areas, coffee shop, and kitchen. In the lounges, 16-foot round illuminated ceilings were custom designed with Rapt Studios. In the restaurant and cafe, decorative fixtures are balanced with architectural features to provide targeted light levels. In the micro-kitchens, innovative oval fixtures were created by placing LED strips between shortened panel track blinds.

Project Highlights

• Custom fixtures
• 30-foot candle fixtures dim to 1%


Rapt Studio


Project Background

• 290,000 square feet
• $95 million

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