East Contra Costa Courthouse – Richard E. Arnason Justice Center

An emerging justice center illuminated — lighting compliments architectural features inspiring a lantern like glow.

Throughout the courthouse, a strong inside-outside connection creates approachability and comfort while accommodating the security provisions necessary for this type of facility. Illumination is used to highlight surfaces in an inviting manner, communicating a message of openness and welcome to visitors.

A thoughtful design process strove to integrate lighting into the architectural vocabulary of the building, perimeter walls, and forms of the landscape, creating a compelling, warm glow from the building. Energy-efficient strategies were utilized throughout the interiors via high-efficacy equipment, dimming, controls, and daylight solutions. In the atrium, vertical planes are lit to help balance these illuminated surfaces with the daylight and minimize contrast.

Cove lighting simulates skylights in the courtrooms and enforces the connection to the outside, while wallwashers increase the brightness of the surfaces in order to account for perimeter glazing luminance. Security concerns at the transaction counters are addressed by the careful balancing of vertical brightness and light levels on both sides of the separation glass.

Project Highlights

• LEED Silver Certified
• Cove lighting




Project Background

• 71,600 square feet
• $64.7 million

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