Google Connectors

Supergraphics of downtown Boston views with themed lighting effects — create a colorful backdrop for this fun and functional office of next-gens.

HLB Lighting Design teamed up with Nelson to design their new themed Kendall Square corporate campus that immediately speaks to this global brand’s unique identity. Every guest that arrives at Google passes through this point and is greeted by their cool, creative style which is enhanced by lighting throughout.

Randomly staggered fluorescent strips provide both ambient light and an industrial vibe. A chandelier of kayak paddles and glowing LED tubes cascades down the open stair leading to a Beacon Hill vignette illuminated by small-scale LED lantern posts. A storage container meeting space features a cluster of bare-lamp decorative compact fluorescents. Solutions are highly creative, simple, budget-friendly, and impactful, which matches Google’s corporative identity.

Project Highlights

• Themed lighting vignettes
• Practical sources & solutions




Project Background

• 264,000 square feet
• $53 million

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