IERBYS – Interurban Electric Railway Bridge Yard Shop

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Project Description

Lighting breathes new life into a repurposed remnant of the historic Interurban Electric Railway.

Once a maintenance facility for train cars, the Bridge Yard Shop has since been revitalized and dedicated as a transportation museum. The museum is a key feature within the larger Gateway Park, located along the bike path leading to Bay Bridge, and is comprised of a multi-functional area that can support public gatherings in addition to exhibit space.

HLB scope included lighting of the interior public areas, the exhibit area, exterior and site lighting. Lighting for the distinctive “Bridge Yard” window sign was accomplished using flexible LED trackheads fine-tuned with lighting optics and accessories.

Project Highlights

• Seismic retrofit
• 5,000 panes of glass replaced
• Incorporates flexible LED trackheads


HNTB Corporation


Project Background

• 9,465 square feet
• $9 million

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