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Project Description

A fun LED catenary design sparks a warm, welcoming feel to this new outdoor plaza.

HLB Lighting Design teamed with Sasaki Associates to redesign this 75,000 square foot outdoor pedestrian mall, located in the college town of Ithaca, New York. The project serves as a social and economic center, yet the area had not been well maintained over the past several decades and was not being optimally used by the community. The goal was to reinvigorate the pedestrian mall and re-establish it as a vibrant, active city center.

The design team’s scope of work included the 2-block length of Ithaca Commons and the adjacent side alleys. A European-style catenary lighting system was proposed for general lighting, incorporating LED fixtures mounted along cables suspended across the plaza on an axis which followed the new paving design. Despite initial resistance from the City, who questioned the fire department’s ability to access buildings underneath the catenary system, the scheme was ultimately approved and demonstrates one of the first large-scale LED catenary installations in the US.

Project Highlights

LED Catenary Lighting System


Sasaki Associates


Project Background

75,000 square feet

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