JINS Eyewear

Light with vision — elevating the retail experience to a brighter level!

The main sales space features a dynamic interplay of shielded directional sources and luminous forms, including overhead track lighting, track lights with lantern shades, and LED panels embedded within the wall-mounted millwork. Higher light levels draw customers to the lens production and transaction areas.

There is an inherent simplicity and accessibility in the design which is deeply rooted in the JINS brand and is a recurring motif throughout the store. Innovation, quality and design help to create a unique retail experience. The design called for every piece of eyewear to be brilliantly lit. Each display shelf was machined with a narrow trough to conceal LED strips. Aligned with the center of each strip of LEDs, a small hole was drilled in the bottom of the Krion shelf, creating a delicate sparkle across the top edge of the eyewear frame displayed below.

Project Highlights

• Custom fixtures made of natural elements
• LED technology throughout


Kwan Henmi Architecture & Planning


Project Background

• 4,300 square feet
• $250,000

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