Light with a classic French flair illuminates on 5th Avenue.

Juicy Couture is known for its creative and unexpected design in both their product and its presentation. Working in collaboration with Commune Design, our challenge was to help make this creativity take center stage for their flagship boutique located in the heart of Manhattan.

The store features a classic French manor façade with little set-back from the exterior curtain wall. As a result, positioning and access to the lighting was a major concern. Architectural elements were highlighted using LEDs concealed within the façade stonework. All accent and downlight luminaires in the store use the same HID lamp, and all beam distributions were established with reflectors, allowing for easier maintenance and a greater likelihood of long term lighting design integrity. At the heart of the space, semi-recessed Swarovski crystals are sparkling at the ceiling plane using end lit fiber optics. While HID accents front light merchandise, most of the displays were side lit using linear fluorescents to create visual depth throughout the boutique.

One last surprise awaits in the dressing room suite, where a runway marquee effect is played up by the mirror and Victorian style semi-recessed ceiling lights fitted with 20,000 hour incandescent lamps… it’s our suspicion that the fashion trends will be changing much more frequently than the lamps!

Project Highlights

• Easy lighting maintenance
• Fluorescents create visual depth


Commune Design


Project Background

15,000 square feet


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Lumen West Award of Merit

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