LA Metro Rail Red Line Station – Vermont at Santa Monica

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Project Description

Light weaves a dramatic entryway for visitors — igniting a visual beacon to the urban landscape by subtle lighting treatments.

As an integral part of the urban fabric of Los Angeles, MetroRail Stations are both the same and different at once. Standardization of equipment leads to economy in maintenance as well as initial construction. Yet the unique expressions created by various Architect/Artist teams demand creativity in application of this equipment.

Standard equipment was placed into architectural niches in the supporting fin walls to light the canopy and provide easy maintenance. In order to prevent a ‘parking lot’ of poles to light the plaza, the team utilized advanced exterior lighting calculations software to place taller lighting poles at the back of the site. Consideration of the surrounding neighborhood suggested the use of several small sources on each pole for sharp cutoff glare control and an even ‘blanket’ of light for enhanced safety.

Our experiences on this station as well as the Hollywood/Highland station have contributed to an improved set of system wide standards created for MetroRail by the lighting design team.

Project Highlights

• Multi-purpose lighting for user flexibility
• Site lighting supports wayfinding


STV Incorporated



Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Illumination Award of Merit

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