LAPD Motor Transport Division & Main Street Parking Garage

  • LAPD Headquarters

Project Description

A new kind of green energy illuminates Downtown L.A.’s Gallery Row.

Located in the historic heart of Downtown Los Angeles, one block from the Los Angeles Police Department’s new headquarters, this 5-story concrete structure integrates an 800 car parking structure for the LAPD’s employees; a mechanics’ garage, car wash, and refueling station; and an art gallery on the ground floor to enliven life along the street.

Holding all of these elements together is a wavy, multi-paneled stainless steel mesh screen which stretches across the 300-foot long facade. Painted in a pattern of leaves in two shades of green, the screen creates a dynamic and inspiring image representing the “greening” of Los Angeles. The effect of light filtered through the perforations of the screen and reflected off the metal surface varies throughout the day. In order to enhance the leaf imagery in the evening, metal halide floodlights have been placed along the edges of the canopy, one centered on each panel. The final result is a glowing presence that adds a touch of warmth to the surrounding neighborhood.

Project Highlights

• Illumination of art mesh screen along facade
• Includes mechanics garage, car wash & refueling station


John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects


Project Background

300,000 square feet

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