LAX – Tom Bradley International Terminal Interior Renovation

Light welcomes visitors to The City of Angels by a “halo” of illumination — glass walls are theatrically lit with dynamic color-changing luminaires.

As part of a multi-billion dollar modernization plan, the $737 million TBIT Interior Renovation project at Los Angeles International Airport improves operational efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction and convenience, and upgrades the security and safety systems at this international gateway that services almost 9 million passengers annually. The 515,000 square foot renovation creates a contemporary look for the 26-year old terminal, and according to the LA Daily News, “one of the notable differences is better lighting”.

HLB’s work consisted of improved illumination for the check-in areas, boarding gates, arrival lobbies, concourses, and apron, as well as the baggage claim and customs and border protection areas. This project was the first at LAX to incorporate LEED standards and is the first U.S. airport terminal renovation project to receive LEED Silver certification. Contributing to these sustainable goals, lighting control systems were revamped and occupancy sensors installed throughout to increase energy efficiency.

In the arrivals corridor on the opposite side of the wall, energy efficient, long-life linear fluorescent luminaires create a subtle water effect celebrating LA’s coastal location. Goals for the custom and border protection area included providing a comfortable and non-intrusive experience for travelers, while at the same time achieving the appropriate light levels required for the important task of inspection.

Project Highlights

• LEED Silver Certified
• Light designed for 60 foot ceilings
• Focused on enhancing aesthetics by delineating counters with a continuous linear source


Leo A. Daly


Project Background

• 515,000 square feet
• $737 million

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