Long Beach Courthouse

Innovation within judicial tradition — 50 years and counting, Long Beach Courthouse continues its allegiance to serve justice in a new light.

Literal and figurative transparency was a design goal for this steel-framed building as the façade is clad by an expansive glass curtain wall. Sustainability, Energy Performance, and Fixture Maintenance were of upmost importance to the city. Listening to the client, HLB Lighting Design utilized long-life lamp sources responsive to daylight and dimming controls to reduce energy usage and fixture maintenance.

Cutting edge lighting solutions showcases HLB’s attention to detail through the use of canopy trim accents, lighted handrails and columns, wall accentuation, and integration of light into surrounding public benches. The grand entrance of the courthouse greets visitors with a dynamic art piece commissioned specifically for the project. Inspiring lighting designs manage to highlight the art piece creating a visually arresting focal point as you approach the building.

Interior lighting plays a key role in creating spaces that are deeply immersive and visually arresting. Various layers of light were introduced in courtrooms, conference and public areas, to address concerns from employees regarding low intensity of light in past conditions. Engaging in a collaborative design process both AECOM and HLB have successfully woven together various functions to create an iconic courthouse that will withstand the test of time.

Project Highlights

• The first major civic building in the U.S. to operate under the principles of performance-based infrastructure (PBI) delivery
• LEED Gold Certified




Project Background

• 545,000 square feet
• $490 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design

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