Microsoft SMSG

Lighting a corporate space without the corporate feel…

A new 50,000 square foot Microsoft SMSG (Sales, Marketing and Services Group) office in Burlington, MA was carefully designed to exceed client expectations and come in at 42% below energy code. HLB’s scope of work included the reception, open offices, exploratorium, lounge, conference rooms, breakout spaces, Executive Briefing Center, and interactive center.

General ambient lighting for open office and circulation areas, combined with decorative lighting elements for specialty spaces, promote a warm, fun and friendly residential feel. The reception area has a wood head wall with backlit starry patterns, providing a delicate and welcoming look as guests get off the elevator. Microsoft’s mission was to recreate the way their employees interact and work together which impacted a lot of design decisions! To that end, the Executive Briefing Center was designed with square downlights arranged in a chasing pattern, evoking movement within the spaces and promoting an interactive collaborative environment.

Project Highlights

• Linear strip lights mounted on top of the wood herringbone grille system
• 42% below stringent energy code




Project Background

• 50,000 square feet
• $7 million

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