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Project Description

Gentle illumination brings the outside in.

Through the addition of a new glass pavilion for daily living, cooking and dining activities, this 1950’s ranch house was brought into the 21st century and integrated with the landscape. The glass pavilion ties into a series of terraces, gardens, swimming pool and outdoor living spaces.

HLB’s scope included both interior and exterior lighting to carefully tie the indoors and outdoors together. The living room’s feature wall is grazed from above the ceiling through the introduction of a discreet slot, defining the strong texture of the stone. Inground uplights around the perimeter glass wall provide a soft glow on the extensive brow. Minimal recessed downlights and accent lights highlight seating, dining and kitchen areas below. The outdoor pergola is gently illuminated by cylinder downlights discreetly tucked between slats, while the pool area is accented by step lights.

Project Highlights

• Accent lighting throughout
• Subtle & elegant fixtures


Ohlhausen DuBois Architects


Project Background


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