Blue fluorescent light ignites a playful and soft urban oasis.

Phase I of the project included collaboration with Marta Fry Landscape Associates and developer Catellus to create lighting along the promenade and pedestrian overlooks which are located adjacent to mid-rise residential buildings. We designed a custom compact fluorescent linear steplight integrated within the promenade rail system, for a subtle and low level expression of light.

Phase II included lighting for the sports park, kayak and storage facility, and boat docks. Design challenges here included lighting within the already existing concrete forest of freeway support structures and ramps. Fully shielded metal halide uplights strap-mounted to freeway support columns enliven these massive structures at night and help render the sculptural quality of these otherwise utilitarian concrete structures. The success of Mission Creek Sports Park has helped transform this former industrial area into a thriving active mixed-use urban landscape.

Project Highlights

• Created lighting standards for entire Mission Bay District
• Custom light poles


Marta Fry Landscape Associates


Project Background

• 7.5 acres
• $18.5 million

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