Nickelodeon West Coast Headquarters

Lighting animates Nickelodeon’s West Coast Headquarters, amplifying an already-pervasive sense of wonder and whimsy.

Home to the network’s animation and live-action teams, this renovated and expanded studio masterfully blurs the lines between work and play- all in the name of creating the consummate artist’s retreat. Variety and spontaneity occupy every corner of this dynamic facility, complete with an arcade, a dedicated music room, and various art installations that serve as a tribute to Nickelodeon shows both past and present.

Moments of lighting grandeur enliven the space, including a colossal marquee “Nick” sign in the café area that welcomes visitors to the building as over 750 LED bulbs subtly pulse and sparkle. Employees and guests alike are ushered to a first-class theater experience by a glimmering fiber optic ceiling that indicates when the show is about to start. These feature elements are obvious reminders of the hallmark creativity that defines Nickelodeon as a brand and pulsates through the halls of their new west coast abode.

Project Highlights

• LEED Gold Certification (pending)
• Sparking fiber optics


STUDIOS Architecture


Project Background

• 114,000 square feet
• 70,000 square feet renovation

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