Osram Americas Headquarters

“We are light”— a simple concept turns a new headquarters into a dynamic and futuristic office that makes coming to work fun.

The new Osram Americas Headquarters needed to directly speak to the mission of this well-known global lighting company. Lighting solutions incorporated two powerful metaphors – “rays of light”, and “light leaks”. A super-ray – a two-story space surrounded by light – draws visitors from reception up a staircase, creating a dynamic and ever-changing experience. LED tiles mounted continuously behind frosted acrylic ceiling panels create an ever-changing backlit effect, defining the super-ray with anything from daylight simulation to media projection.

Both dynamic in nature and highly efficient at 25% below energy code, this project was designed on budget using only light sources manufactured by Osram.

Project Highlights

• A glowing ceiling with light reflective surfaces on all sides
• Programmable 64-pixel RGB LED tiles
• 25% below energy code


Sasaki Associates


Project Background

• 118,000 square feet


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Interior Lighting Design Award of Merit

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