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Project Description

Light unites a premier mixed-use community with harmonious illumination.

The stakes were high in creating an urban environment from scratch. Still, the design team successfully executed an authentic urban setting without the benefit of time through the fusion of architectural style, quality landscape, and luminous lighting designs.

Embarking on the redevelopment of the property entailed extensive streetscape amenities such as pedestrian promenades, outdoor art displays, colorful seasonal plantings, rooftop terraces, green roofs, community gardens, water features, and outdoor cafes. The overall effect of the design is soft and fluid as the lighting creates a harmonious composition throughout each area.

Project Highlights

• LEED Silver Certified
• Custom fixtures for fountains & art
• Pedestrian & roadway lighting


• Design Collective ( Interiors for Block 10 & 12)
• WDG Architecture (Architect for Block 11)
• Clinton & Associates (Landscape Architect)


Project Background

3,400,000 square feet

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