Light right on the money — dazzling LED defines a memorable casino experience.

The experience at Resorts World Casino New York begins at the dramatic four story atrium with a cascading beaded chandelier with sparkling glass globes floating through the center. LED dynamic color changing lighting sets the mood and theme for the entire casino experience. The client sought to create a variety of experiences to minimize the casino’s vast size and provide patrons with varying entertainment venues.

This objective allowed HLB’s design team to create ever changing lighting vignettes to transform people’s experiences. The 360 bar is a centerpiece with a dramatic two-story height and integrated local lighting to illuminate the bar proper. Gaming video screens are imbedded in the bar surface and careful placement of light needed to be considered. The Chihuly inspired chandelier defines the VIP gaming areas. Color changing uplight surrounding the sculptural chandelier continues the mood setting theme established throughout the casino.

Project Highlights

• LED technology creates variable colors & experiences
• 1.63 watts per square foot (less than a espresso machine)


JCJ Architecture


Project Background

• 1,086,000 square feet
• $510 million

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