Robert F. Kennedy Inspiration Park

Light pays tribute to the life and legacy of Robert F. Kennedy.

Representing sparkling constellation patterns from the night of Robert F. Kennedy’s birth, tiny fiber optic luminaries embedded in blue pavement highlight a vibrant nighttime presence for the Robert F. Kennedy Inspiration Park, located at the base of a 24-acre campus for the RFK Community Schools. Built on the site of the famed Ambassador Hotel where the Senator was assassinated, the new public park pays tribute to Kennedy’s life by celebrating his ideas of social justice and inspiring opportunities for discovery and reflection on these convictions by future generations.

HLB’s design goal was to integrate lighting into the architectural elements and landscape, while emphasizing the two parallel walls that serve as artwork for the park. Safety, vandalism and park maintenance were also a concern due to the dense urban setting.

Throughout the park, fluorescent step lights and bollards are integrated along pedestrian pathways and walls to provide a sense of security and comfort without obstructing views. At this site, nothing should stand in the way of contemplation… or inspiration.

Project Highlights

• Site lighting
• Fiber optic luminaires embedded in pavement


• Gonzalez Goodale Architects
• AHBE Landscape Architects


Project Background

0.3 acre park


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Illumination Award of Merit

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