San Bernardino Justice Center

Meticulous details create a seamless integration of light and architecture — illuminating this cutting edge justice center.

Creative, well-coordinated illumination of interior vertical surfaces creates a nighttime building identity without the use of exterior facade fixtures, helping to minimize cost and light trespass. This project achieved the LEED Sustainable Sites Credit 8 by meeting the Light Pollution Reduction performance criteria.

Clean lines of light showcase the elegance of architectural materials and articulated designs. Custom mounted in wood ceilings, courtroom fixtures in symmetric and wall wash distributions utilized high lumen T8 fluorescent lamps paired with 1% dimmable DALI ballasts.

The scope of work included all public spaces, all administrative office areas, training rooms, 35 courtrooms, 2 hearing rooms, jury assembly, jury deliberation rooms, judicial chambers, secure holding areas, sally port, and all exterior site lighting and parking. Multi-name specifications helped to facilitate competitive bidding to stay within budget. Building design achieved a 23.2% energy cost savings and was awarded LEED Gold Certification by the USGBC.

Project Highlights

• LEED Gold Certified
• Originally targeted for LEED Silver Certification




Project Background

• 360,000 square feet
• $340 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Energy & Environment Lighting Design Award of Merit

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