Layers of illumination respect the opulent history of Denver’s renaissance.

The city has embarked upon a master plan to enhance several key components of the downtown arts and entertainment district. The original shell of the historic 1908 Auditorium Theater has come back to life with an entirely new interior — designed to house more intimate and technically advanced performance and support spaces as well as a greater variety of places for the public and patrons to gather in attending multiple types of events.

Our scope of work included all the public areas for the opera house as well as the Chambers Salon & Kevin Taylor Restaurant, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, green room, meet and greet private boxes, and façade. Collaborating with Semple Brown Design Architects and Fisher Dachs Theater Consultants, HLB Lighting Design worked at many levels to support the team’s vision for a dramatic yet enduring design. Inspired by the seemingly timeless moment when an icicle melts to become a gleaming vessel for Denver’s infamous sunlight — a series of decorative luminaires have become an integral part of the architectural layering of materials and light.

Project Highlights

• Decorative light fixtures
• State-of-the-art controls


• Semple Brown Design
• Fisher Dachs Associates


Project Background

• 264,000 square feet
• $53 million


Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
• Illumination Award of Merit

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